Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

With Thanksgiving just over two weeks away it is time to start thinking of how to decorate the holiday dinner table. Thanksgiving table decorations don't have to be too fancy or expensive. It's amazing how beautiful vegetables and fruit can be. There are many great fall harvest items at your local grocery store that you can use, such as pumpkins, gourds, pomegranates, cranberries and corn. These items can be placed in the center or down the middle of your table with items such as candles, fall leaves, twigs, pinecones and possibly a decorative bowl that you already own. Below are some pictures to help you get inspired...

(above photos via: Country Living)

Consider decorating other areas in your home for Thanksgiving. As shown below the mantle and buffet serving table look beautiful decorated with harvest decor.

(source: Pottery Barn)

For something a little different... notice, on the photo below, there are mini pumpkins and gourds that are painted metallic bronze gold, silver, cream and gilver (a silvery gold color). This is an easy DIY craft project that can be done with spray paint or craft paint. Spray paint tends to leave lingering fumes, so if you use spray paint, be sure to spray a few days in advance so the fumes will dicipate. Most craft stores sell both metallic spray paints and acrylic craft paints in all colors. Craft paints can be easily applied with a sponge brush, also available at your craft store.

Happy Harvest... and Happy Decorating!


  1. Nice table deco! I'm working on my decorations this week. I have a diy blog too, just finished a pumpkin flower arrangement for my Thanksgiving table. Check me out if you get a chance.

  2. Really like the ideas involving natural produce, squashes and gourds, for decorating. I love also using eucalyptus and pine cones, even bouquets of herbs, and If I can find some, a couple of huge sunflowers.


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