Spring Cleaning and Getting Organized

Every Spring I get motivated to do a bit of extra Spring cleaning and do some kind of organizing project. It seems there is always something that needs to be organized!  Since we recently condensed from two houses to one, I have a much larger than normal amount of things that I need to find places for. My living room is currently looking like a hoarders paradise (which I'm not proud of) but it's my current reality!... I'm definitely in need of having a huge garage sale!

I've got so much stuff right now that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm not sure yet what my next organizing project will be, but in the meantime I wanted to share one of my favorite organization projects with you. It's my garage organizer. I love how it keeps that part of the house neat and orderly!

Most garage organization systems are pretty expensive so I came up with the idea to build our own.  The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but I will note a few comments explaining how with built it along the way.

We started our DIY wall organizer by marking all of the studs in the wall and mounting a frame to them. 

Once the frame was built, my husband painted it and then mounted the wire shelves. I wanted the wire shelving so dust would build up on the shelves.

We added a section of peg board for miscellaneous small items.

A few smaller shelves and hooks hold gardening supplies and other items.

My favorite part of our organizer is these next shelves that we made from vinyl rain gutters.  They are perfect for holding cans of spray paint, tubes of caulking and other small items.  Love them!!! 

Hanging our ladders and other items at the front of the garage freed up so much floor space!

We have allot of wood trim and molding that needs to be stored flat. It used to be on the floor (always in the way), now it is up out of the way on the shelves.

We now park both of our cars in the garage and get out of our vehicles without stumbling and tripping on things.  It is wonderful!  I love being organized!!! Now I just need to do the rest of the house :)

Until next time,