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I've been a DIY decorator for years and I am hugely passionate about decorating and crafting.  However, when I started this blog I knew absolutely nothing about blogging.  I was able to learn so much from a few great sites.

The first site I found that helped me to get started was ChrisianPF.com.  Although blogging isn't the main focus of the site, the site does have a lot of blogging information for beginners that was hugely helpful to me.  The first article I read covered so much more than the title said... It was a great read.  Here is the link to that  First Article I read on blogging.  Although making money was and is not the main goal of my blog, it is still nice knowing it is possible to earn a couple of dollars to help support my love of shopping at flea markets and thrifting.

Makin Cute Blogs | ¬†Freebies, Tutorials, Resources, & Design Elements!Recently I purchased a video course on learning how to make a cute blog from a site called Makin Cute Blogs.  Even without the course, the site has lots of great tutorials on "How To" do different improvements on your blog and also lots of freebies available to help.  I learned so much from the site and from the video series that I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn how to design their own blog!

If you decide to start blogging... make sure your topic is something you are super passionate about!  If getting rich is your goal, you probably should do something else as you won't last very long... however if you love what you are doing, it is easy and fun to do... The only problem becomes, when to put your computer down!

Awhile back I did a post on how to back up your Blogger blog, which is very important...  Click the link below for the instructions...
How to Back Up Your Blog

Additional Tips:

Are You a No Reply Blogger? - How to Fix

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More tips to follow soon.


  1. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for the tips. I'll go by later and take a look. Your blog looks reallly good. I could use all the tips I can get so later on I'll take a look at the sites that you mentioned. I've been blogging for about a year now. There is so much to learn. I would like to get more creative with fonts and making my navigation bars and links more creative. So much to learn. I'm really enjoying reading so many blogs and garnering tips and inspiration! Many bloggers are very friendly and are willing to help out.

  2. Hi Diana,
    Thank you so much for the tips. My girlfriend who is in Paris, and I, have recently begun blogging and it is so true that it is time consuming. But we are loving it. I will definitely be trying to back up our blog later on this weekend. I didnt even know that was possible!!!

    Thanks again,
    Megan (aka GirlsEnVille.com)

  3. Thanks for sharing!!!


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