Simple Patriotic Candy Display

This Fourth of July candy display is super simple to do.... And its yummy too!!!

I used a variety of mason jars and other clear containers... filled them each with red, white and/or blue candies or treats and then tied simple patriotic colored ribbons around them.

The red white and blue sweet treats naturally look great displayed together!  I used a few of our favorites, but any red white and blue edible items would work.

I elevated a few of the containers on a cake plate and set the others around the bottom.  Super simple and so festive!  I love the pop of patriotic colors off of our new subway tile backsplash :)

Happy decorating!


Get Ready to Go Glamping

We are getting ready for an upcoming Glamping trip and I am so excited!  I found several new gadgets that I'm going to love having on this trip making it even more glamorous and fantastic than the last time... You can see our prior Glamping trip via the link below: 

Our upcoming trip will include a new color scheme, some "Must Have" Glamping gadgets and several new decor items. Also another family is joining us for the trip so we will have an additionally decorated tent and more fun decor for the whole family.

I have a slightly larger vehicle this time, so I'm hoping to fit everything in and still be able to fit my hubby in the car!!! 

Would you like to go Glamping?