The Christmas Porch

One of my favorite places to decorate for Christmas is the front door and the front porch. There are so many creative ideas and ways to DIY decorate for the holidays. Below are some pictures to help you get inspired.

This first picture is beautiful with all of the natural elements... garland, greenery and pine cones. The ice skates and sled add a nice personal touch! I found it via: Naps on the Porch...

Even if you don't have much of a porch. Always remember to decorate the entry door. I usually use a traditional round greenery wreath... but, for something a little different this square wreath is a fun and quirky option.

I always love garlands and greenery around the entryway... These fruit topiary trees in urns are a nice addition. The red ribbon in the garlands add a great pop of color!

This porch is stunning with all of the natural branches... dripping with snowflakes, and candle lanterns. I especially love the mercury glass lanterns and candle holders. The artificial snow looks so real!

Here is another good use of greenery swagged across the doorway. To liven it up I would add a few ornaments or berries... and maybe some ribbon.

 This porch, via: Southern Living, is cute with all of the wrapped presents and toys. When putting presents on your porch, just wrap empty boxes (this might be obvious... but I thought I would mention it). A little DIY trick: when the holidays are over, you can store the wrapped empty boxes in a giant trash bag for re-use next year. That way you aren't wasting a bunch of wrapping paper and bows... (my contribution to being green).

This next picture has many cute Christmas cottage signs.  They are from Cottage Art Shop. I bet the rocking chairs with lights look adorable all lit up at night.

Giant ornaments hanging from the porch are a fun decorative display.... They give a sort of chandelier effect. You could also make an ornament chandelier and hang it from overhead if your porch doesn't already have a hanging fixture. If it does, you can add a few Christmas ornamenta hanging from the fixture. Just use ribbon, or fishing line to tie them up. Dangling them at different heights really shows them off!

This next picture is one of my favorites. I have always dreamed of having an entry courtyard. This one is all decked out for the holidays! I am lovin the giant ornaments and snow in the fountain and the faux snow around the edges of the patio. Super cute...

I'm still decorating around my house... I've been a little under the weather, so it's slow and go, but I will post pictures once it is all done.  I hope you are inspired to get decorating on your home.

Have fun and Happy Decorating,

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  1. Hi Diana, love the porches and thanks for including mine! I love your blog and all the great ideas.


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