Dining Table - Update

Snow coming down on our dining table???  Well, I am dreaming of a white Christmas.... But, no, it's obviously not snow. It's just the camera flash reflecting off of dust in the air from sanding the table top...

Our dining set DIY renovation project is coming along nicely. Last night after my hubby got home from work, he fininshed the final sanding on the dining table. Then he was able to start the staining on the base frame. Tonight, after he gets home, he will stain the tabletop.  As I've mentioned before, I absolutely love painted furniture!!!  I've painted many items.  However, staining furniture is new to me...  All along I've been planning to paint the chairs an antique white color in contrast with the table that is being stained... However, after seeing the stain last night, the stain is a little dark, so I think I'm going to do an antique white glaze on the detail areas of the table (the table edges and legs) to see them better. I am going for a vintage farmhouse look and I think a little white on the edges and in the detail will look great and it will compliment the white on the chairs.

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