Fabric and Stain Color Decisions for Dining Set Makeover

I finally decided which fabric I am going with on the dining chairs. I'm off to Joann's Superstore to get the fabric to re-upholster the dining chairs that we got this past weekend. Joann Stores is having a huge sale... 50% off of the home decor fabrics... and they sent out coupons via email for an additional 25% off entire purchase for today through Sunday... Woohoo.... I love a good sale.

This morning I put six different stain colors on the back of one of the table leaves to decide which color of stain to choose.  Above each stain color I wrote the colors name in pencil so I wouldn't forget which was which. (Note: It is important to always test stain colors on your project, as stain can take completely differently from one type of wood to the next.)  I think I've decided on the stain color for the table (second stain from the left)... but I will let my husband look at it when he gets home, to make sure he likes it too. I should at least let him think he had a choice... lol.  I've decided to paint the dining chair frames an off white color... I might distress them a little for a shabby cottage chic feel. I wanted a contrast between the table and chairs for more of a vintage look.

Off to shopping...  I sure hope they have my fabric in stock! I will post more pictures of our project as it progresses this weekend.

Happy decorating!!!

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