Creative Holiday Chandelier Ideas

Cool way to make an overhead decorative chandelier for Christmas. Just a wood branch dripping with Christmas ornaments. If you have an electrical source you could put white or colored christmas lights on it. If you don’t have an electrical source, consider finding battery operated lights for it. Suspend the branch from the ceiling on a couple of cup ceiling hooks and fishing line or ribbon. Easy, fun, DIY project…

Other items you can use in place of the branch could be a vintage ladder, a flat piece of wood hung level (you can actually put candles on top and ornaments on the bottom), a dowel or wood broomstick hung straight across with a single row of ornaments. The possibilities are endless… Just use your imagination and see what you can create.

If you have an existing chandelier, consider hanging beautiful ornaments from it and possibly some greenery around it. Be creative and have fun making a Christmas holiday chandelier for your home.

Also, notice in the first picture the variety of dining room chairs. They are all, flea market, thrift and garage sale finds. Vintage wood chairs like this can usually be found for $5 to $10 each. Often they look ugly when you find them, but with a little cleaning and a can of spray paint they look like new. These chairs have all been painted the same color to give a cohesive look to the space. This a great way to design an inexpensive dining room for large gatherings and it looks amazing!
(photos via: apartment therapy, chic on a shoestring)

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