Dining Table Progress Report

The dining table renovation is still is process... As we go along I have changed my mind a little at the process to finishing the table. After all, it is a womans perogative to change her mind  (hehe).  I ended up deciding to do a dark antique glaze over the stain. I really wanted a vintage rustic farm house look for the table and I think the glaze achieves it. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away we are keeping busy working on it.  I am currently doing the antique glaze process on the table. Here are a few pictures to see where we are at. Today I will finish with the antique glazing on the rest of the table and my husband Jim is starting to sand the chair frames.

The final step on the table with be a waterproof polyurathane finish to protect it. I love how this project is turning out... But I so hope we can finish everything in time for Thanksgiving!!!

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