Kitchen Herb Garden Cuteness

I decided to create a little herb garden in my kitchen.  I've had these vintage silver tea and coffee pots and pitchers for awhile now.  I found them for a few dollars each at a flea market.  They have been just sitting empty on my kitchen counter.  I finally found a way to purpose/up-cycle them.  I already have a nice veggie garden in our yard, but I wanted to have easy access to the most common herbs that I love to cook with.  The kitchen gets pretty good natural light so growing herbs on my counter should work well (at least I hope so!!!).

I started by researching herb containers without drains, because I didn't want to drill holes in the bottom and have water dripping all over the countertop.  I found out that you can put small rocks in the bottom for drainage instead of drilling holes.  I started my project by filling all of my containers about half way full with small rocks.

When using rocks for drainage, it is important not to over water herbs.  You don't want large amounts of water sitting in the bottom.  According to what I read, light water every few days is all that is needed.  Allowing the plant to become almost dry before watering again.  This I will likely learn from trial and error.  Hopefully I won't kill anything!

Next I decided which plant I would use in each container.

 Then I got to planting.  I pulled the plant out of it's plastic pot, broke down the excess dirt around the edges until the width would fit properly into my container.  Then I added soil booster mulch around the plant to fill the excess space around the plant. 

And there you have it.  Here is my kitchen herb garden.  I planted rosemary, lemon thyme and basil.  I decided to elevate the small pot by putting it on this vintage scale.  I recently found the scale for $2 at a thrift store.  I love the way it turned out.  Unbelievably I got all three silver containers and the vintage scale for a total of just $10.  I love me some bargains!  

Now I have the convenience of just picking herbs and easily adding them to any recipe, also I love how they make the kitchen smell!

Until next time,
Happy decorating!

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  1. Love, love, this idea! Your vignette is perfect with the added scale. Glad I found you at One Project at a Time Tuesday Link Party.

  2. Diana, just wanted to stop by and tell you I love your blog! I am passing on to you the Versatile blogger award!
    Stop by my blog at so you can check out all the information. Congratulations!

  3. adorable.

    hoping you have a moment to stop by and check out my giveaway:

    have a lovely day.


  4. What a great idea. The herbs look beautiful in the teapots!

  5. I really, really love this idea. It's pretty and practical. Can't wait to see/hear how it pans out for you.

  6. I love this idea. My herbs are just in little clay pots.

  7. My concern is the metal leaching into the plant??? HOWEVER, I love the idea and will try this with mini tea roses!


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