$1 Flea Market Find - Before & After

As I was walking around the flea market last weekend I saw this vintage little step ladder and it was calling me from across the aisle.   It said "Diana, take me home... You want to fix me up and give me new life".  I approached the vendor, glanced around their space, acted like I wasn't really interested, and then casually asked "how much for that" as I pointed at my new must have friend.  He looked at it then looked at me and said "How about one dollar".  What??? At first i thought I had heard him wrong because nobody sells stuff for only $1.  I would have paid $5 to $7 for it...  But, yippee, my new little ladder was coming home for a much needed up-cycle  makeover!   And I can't believe it was only $1.

It sure was sad looking when I got it, but we all know what a bit of paint can do, so when I got it home, into my paint booth it went.  I decided to spray it yellow.  I don't have anything yellow in my house and I've been wanting to do something yellow so this was the perfect piece.

Just like that, instant update... Well, I did dust it off and lightly sand it first, then sprayed it and lightly distressed it once it was dry.  But it was by far my fastest project transformation ever. 

Okay, so my little ladder no longer talks to me, but if it did, I think it would thank me... because it is a beauty now!

Until next time,
Happy decorating!


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  1. So cute! What a score at only $1. Great job! Thanks for sharing :)

    ~Jess @ makingoverthemartins.blogspot.com

  2. That is totally sweet and sunny :) love the pretty new color!! GREAT find, especially for a buck!

  3. What a nice addition to your home. i love what you did with it.

  4. I love it! The yellow looksso fresh and happy and it really shows off the flowers.


  5. awesome Blog. New follower, visit me sometime at http://sweetbakingboutique.blogspot.com/

  6. So cute!!! When you were sharing with me, this is exactly how I pictured it. A perfect yellow. Kaley has an old step stool left over from her cheer days...wonder if she would let me have at it!

  7. Very pretty, cheerful yellow! Found you on Home Talk where I just posted my white ladder shelf.


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