How I DIY'd an Outdoor Chandelier

I wanted to make an outdoor chandelier and I set out to find inspiration.  I first found a strand of battery operated LED lights.. and then while browsing at Marshall's in the Home Decor section I came across this metal birdcage for $9.99 (I so love a bargain!!!).  So,  my inspiration was found... I knew this would make a great outdoor chandelier for the upcoming camping/glamping I was planning.

The cage is metal so my first step was putting primer on the cage.  Since I wanted to be able to use it indoors and outdoors Rustoleum primer was a must!  

I really liked the look of the cage in white, but I decided to paint it red so the color would pop in nature rather than blend in.

The cage had a door that opened and the top opened so it was easy to access the inside.  I wove the LED light strand through the bottom of the cage so each would hang down a couple of inches.

I cut small pieces of floral wire and used them to fasten the lights to the bottom of the cage.

I spaced the lights evenly across the bottom.  This is what it looked like (with all the excess wires inside) except the battery pack was still on the outside.

I then wired the battery pack inside into a position that the on/off switch could easily be flipped.  The wires all still look messy at this point, but once the finishing touches are put on it, you won't even see them!  Since I was taking this camping I saved the finishing touches until we arrived at our outdoor destination.  I took nesting materials to cover the wires, battery operated votive candles to put in the middle of the nest and tons of crystal prisms to add lots of sparkle and bling hanging from the bottom!!!

In the next picture you can see how the nesting material hides the wires and how pretty all of the crystal prisms are.

Notice at the bottom center of the cage, you can see the easy access on/off switch.  I worked perfectly!

Although I made this chandelier to use outdoors, I ended up hanging it from the center of our tent (which is sort of outdoors).  I will continue to use this chandelier for all of our camping trips since it gave such a wonderful ambient light in our tent but also I will use it in my backyard when entertaining.

Here is a shot of it at night when it was pitch black outside.

If you want to make your own chandelier you can get the LED lights on Amazon at this link... Battery Operated LED String Lights

I also got a great deal on the battery operated candles.. Seen here: 
24 Flamless LED Votive & Tea Lighted Candle Set


  1. Oh my goodness and little chandy for the tent!!! Isn't that just the funniest thing- I bet hubby thought you were crazy but I love it!!

    1. Mary Ellen,
      Actually my hubby is used to me and all my crazy ideas and projects! He is 100% totally supportive and often helps me with them :) I am soooo lucky to have him!!!

  2. That is really cute!! you could do a million things along those lines, like stars dangling! Very cute!

    1. Hey Sherry,
      I agree their are tons of things you can do with them! I have lots of great ideas in my head :) So many ideas, so little time (hehe).

  3. This is a very cute idea! I'm just a new follower connecting from the Social Media linkup:)

  4. This is a great idea and you did a beautiful job. That's a tent I can stay in! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love camping! glamping looks even better!!! I love the new design too btw! So pretty!

  6. What a lovely DIY chandelier! And it definitely looks expensive and classy. This unique lighting fixture can be a perfect addition to your porch and pool house. It will add some class and sophistication to a space, with only minimum work and budget required! Great job!

    1. Thank you Allison for the nice words :)

  7. Brilliant idea-can I go camping with you? <3

  8. Where did you get the prisms?


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