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A couple of weeks ago I shared that I had purchased a blog design DIY video series from Makin Cute Blogs. The video series literally teaches you how to make a cute blog on blogger... It covers everything from how to design your own elements, where to get cute stuff, which programs to use, how to make a test blog, basic HTML and CSS... and much more. My prior "How Make a Cute Blog" article can be viewed  here.

I have been watching the video series and working on my blog over the past couple of weeks in between having guests at our house for two weeks, decorating for Christmas, blogging, trying to keep up on the laundry and cooking, etc...  I've actually gotten quite a bit of my blog design done. However, I am being super picky on the final product... and I don't want to reveal it until it is all the way done!

I did however want to share a small preview with all of you.  Here is what my grab button looks like. I know many grab buttons are square, but I thought I'd give it a shape. What do you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The same font is currently on my header... But my new header and background will have a totally different look and feel than it does now.  I'm super happy with the blog design course and am amazed how much I have learned. I totally recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about blog design.


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