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Makin Cute Blogs |  Freebies, Tutorials, Resources, & Design Elements!Hi all.. I've been away for the past two days. With Thanksgiving coming and lots of projects going on I've been super busy! Also, I've started watching a video course that I purchased. It's called Makin Cute Blogs. I want to improve the look and feel of my blog. I had thought of using a Blog designer for a custom blog, but I am a creative person and I really want to be able to make improvements and changes myself, so I decided to get the course. So far, I am through the first four sections and I am very impressed with all that I am learning. The course at only $75 (this month, then it will be $99) is well worth it! I hope within the next two weeks to have a new, more professional blog design here. I won't be able to do much before Thanksgiving. I will likely start my new design the day after, once my company leaves :)  

If you have your own blog and are considering making it a little more fancy or are just looking to learn how to do more with your design, I definitely recommend checking out the site Makin Cute Blogs. Also on her site are lots of freebies that you can use when designing your site... I don't get any kind of kickback for recommending the site. I am just so happy with it, that I wanted to share the information with all of you. I hope you will check back here soon to see my new design. I am excited to see what all I can do with it!

P.S. - The signature at the bottom is something I just learned how to do :) Yeah me!

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  1. I was wanting to learn how to become a blog designer. do I need to have any specific programs to do so? and would i get my moneys worth from this course? thanks so much. id love if you can email me at herbakingplace@hotmail.com i have a few questions I was hoping you could answer.
    Thank you


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