Christmas Decorating Preview

Today I thought I'd show you a little Christmas decoration preview of our house. This is actually some pictures of what a few of the decorations looked like in our house last year.  I am trying to decide if I want to do the mantle the same with the mercury glass, greenery, poinsettia and such... or if I wan't to change it up and do something completely different this year. I should have it all figured out by this weekend.

This next picture shows our main Christmas tree...  We used to have an 8 foot ceiling, so my artificial tree is only 7 feet tall.. I have allergies, so an artificial tree works best for me. In our new house, which we purchased in 2010, we now have 9 foot ceilings. My artificial tree at 7 feet looked dwarfed in the room, so I put it on top of a small end table to give it the height it needed. Then I put some fun decorations around the bottom to fill the space.  The huge load presents didn't show up until Christmas eve :) This pictures was taken Christmas morning.

This next picture shows the base of the tree, before the presents arrived... I used greenery on the floor to ground the setting... then just put lots of fun items around... lighted present box decorations, a leaning baby with santa hat, a little sled, and my youngest daughters stocking (I've been very very very good)... She is now 22 but she still loves that stocking!

I had this additional Beach theme tree at the base of our stairs. We used to live in San Diego so I had collected many beach style ornaments and we DIY made some of them too.  This tree has ornaments of surfboards, starfish, sand dollars, lifeguard towers, palm trees, crabs, sea horses, sea shells and more.. There were so many super cute ornaments on this tree. But, unfortunately thic picture doesn't do justice to all of them. I don't plan on doing the beach tree this year. A different tree will be at the bottom of the staircase.

The outdoor lights are my husbands territory! This is what he did last year... He is putting them up tomorrow morning. He loves his lighted Christmas tree with the star on top... I assume the outdoor lights will look pretty much the same this year... Although this year, the bushes out front are much larger, so I imagine the green lights will show up more...

Happy Decorating!

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