Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

One of the most fun things to do around the holidays is wrap all of the gifts.  I know this is a dreaded task by some, but I find it another way to have fun with crafting and decorating.  There are many options when it comes to gift wrapping from simple and traditional to fancy and extravagant. I like to come up with a color scheme and then adapt it to all of my packages. Below are some great examples with a variety of gift wrapping styles and DIY craft ideas.

If you have children, get them involved too... (as long as it isn't their gifts your wrapping).  Kids have so much fun crafting with their moms!
For gift wrapping that is simple and fast, gift bags are a great option. Just add some tissue paper and a name tag and you are ready to go.
I find that my kids prefer to have paper to actually rip open, so to I try to use a more traditional wrapping style for them.  I love this next example!  It's so cute and it's a very inexpensive option. Good ol news print with a red and white bow, then added is a DIY glitter gift tag.  For these gift tags use the first initial of the person on the front of the tag.  I have a Cricut Personal Cutting Machine that does both tags and letters so it makes crafts like this is an easy task!  

Here is a crafty example of adding a little glitz, glamour and bling to your packages.  Notice the glitter letter and the beautiful broach pin that has been added to these packages. You can often find broach pins at Thrift Stores and flea markets for only a couple of dollars.  I like to pick up these items over the year whenever I find they are reasonably priced. I am blessed to have a craft room to store all of my finds until I am ready to use them!

Adding ornaments to your presents is a nice way to add sparkle and fun! The pink and green is non traditional but it is super cute.  When adding ball ornaments, I recommend avoiding glass and getting the non breakable plastic kind which can be found at any craft store. 
 Greenery and pine cones add a natural and festive holiday touch.  If using real greenery, be sure it is fresh and won't dry out.  You can wrap your presents in advance but wait to attach the greenery until a day or two before your event.

You can customize your wrapping style to whatever inspires you.  Add elements from nature, from your home, of that you hand make. Whatever you decide, be creative and have fun with it.

 (Photos in this blog via Pinterest & Tumblr. I do not know the original sources.)

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