Christmas Dining Chair Decorating Ideas

Decorating the dining room for Christmas can be done in so many different ways. I love decorating everything from the chandelier to the table to the chairs to the walls. In  previous blogs I have posted many picture ideas of chandelier DIY holiday projects. Recently I have been looking for fun ideas to put holiday accents on our dining chairs. Here are a few inspirational ideas of simple DIY dining chair decorations.

Many of the chair decorations I came across are traditional and involve greenery with pine cones, ribbons and bows.. Below sleigh bells are included and add a cute rustic touch!

Most of these are easy do it yourself projects. Don't be afraid to try them! The above pictures shows simple bells and a star ornament strung on a thin silver garland. I imagine the kids would love wiggling their chairs to ring the bells...

I like the chair decor below... I like that the sprig of greenery is a little different and non traditional. It is simple and so charming. Myself I would probably use a different ribbon. The name tag makes a nice personal touch...

(photos via BHG and Houzz)

My next blog will be dining table decorations and place setting ideas.  I hope you are all having fun decorating your homes for the Christmas holiday!


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