Steal of a DEAL - 6" Baseboard & Wood Trim SALE

Check out this amazing deal we got on tall baseboards and wood casings.  We got 224 feet of new trim molding for just $90 total.  This is approximately 70% less than it would have cost us at a home improvement store!  We saved more than $200 (yippee... I love a good deal)!

We have a small flea market/swap meet here in Beaumont California every weekend.  This wood trim vendor has been selling at the same location every single Saturday for over four years.  She has a good selection and the prices are unbelievable!  I've never seen molding deals like this!  Even the thickest moldings run under 50 cents per foot.  She has plenty of stock to pull from if we ever need huge quantity from her.  The moldings all come in 8' lengths.  The shorter lengths do make a little more work when installing (due to extra seams)... but for these prices it is so worth it!!!  Plus our little SUV only holds the 8' lengths so they are perfect for us :)

We will be going back for crown molding soon.  I can get crown molding for the entire bedroom for under $40... Amazing!!!

We got all of our baseboard and casing home and put it into our paintbooth.  Then it took awhile to figure out our new paint gun.  You have to thin the paint so it flows properly out of the gun.  It took a few tries, and a little patience but we finally got it right.  Now that we know how, painting projects will be so much easier in the future!

After we sprayed the moldings we moved them to a plastic sheet drop cloth on our garage floor to finish drying.  That way we had more room in the paint booth to spray more pieces.  All of the trim is now primed, painted and ready to install.  The paint finish looks so professional... I'm lovin it!

Next we are painting our bedroom a light silver sage color and doing a wood wall treatment on one of the walls... After that we can install these new moldings.

More pictures of our makeover progress to come soon.

Until next time,
Happy decorating!


  1. I am delighted for you! some days it is so super to beat the bank! This looks super good, and moldings do make a room. We just had new carpeting put down in our old mobile home, plus vinyl planking, thankfully I had the installer put the molding on the planking area!, But hubs has NOT gotten around to putting any moldings where the installer did not, nor on the carpet areas!! I am, as I said really glad I just made the decision and not let DIY get in the way! Looking forward to seeing more of your progress!


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