DIY Candy Treats for the Little Ones

A couple of weeks ago my daughter Britney and I made some fun Fall & Halloween Sweets and Treats for her to take to work. One of the ladies at her work loved them so much that she hired her to make some Chocolate Covered Marshmallow treat pops for her child's kindergarten class.  So we spent Sunday making these adorable cuties...  

We had to make 60 total, so we went with two styles... Jack-o-lantern Pumpkins and Frankensteins. Since they both have a face we think kids will like them.

We individually wrapped each treat and then tied a piece of orange yarn around them in a bow.  Hopefully the bow will make it easy for a child to open.

I think they are rather cute and that they will be a big hit with the kids!!!  I sure hope so :)

We had some extra melted Chocolate so I also made some pretzel treats... Why not?  We couldn't waste it, right?!!!

I often mention my family on my blog but I don't usually share many pictures of em... So, here are some pictures of my daughter Britney yesterday while we were working (and messing around) in the kitchen.
 She doesn't really wear glasses, she was wearing them from her "GEEK" costume from the night before...  I actually think the glasses look cute on her :)  Plus she loves being a dork!  A very lovable dork, but none the less a big goofy dork :)

Thanks for letting me share!

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Diana! So nice to meet you! I am following you now too. Your daughter is adorable. XO, Pinky


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