Master Bedroom Progress - Sneak Peak

Our master bedroom project is coming along nicely.  Even though we are nowhere near finished, I thought I would share a few sneak peak pictures and show you some of our progress.  My goal is to give our room the feeling of a Chic Boutique Hotel Suite.

This first picture was taken just before we started the project.  The two queen beds were delivered and then we started to take apart the room.  We decided to switch from one king bed to two queen beds.  

Wondering why two beds?  To make a long story short, my hubby has restless leg syndrome (which means his legs sometimes twitch at night).  I myself am a super light sleeper.  He often lost sleep while worrying about potentially waking me up, and sometimes I was losing sleep because he was a bit too restless.  With the two beds, I don't have to kick him out of bed to sleep in the guest room anymore, I can just kick him over to the next bed :)

We decided to do a wood wall treatment on the wall that previously had the faux headboard on it.  These wood panels wall will add some texture and architectural interest to the room.  In a later post I will share how we did this wall treatment on a tiny budget.

This wall will be painted the same silver sage as the other walls in the room.  The added texture of the wood and the seams will add more interest to the space.  This room has an 8 foot ceiling height.  We ran the boards vertical to give the illusion of the room being taller than it actually is (the boards running up and down elongate the feeling of the room).  If we had run the boards horizontally, which was my first thought, the room would feel shorter.

Our bedroom is pretty large.  It measures almost 18' across x 14' long with an extra 2' deep niche that we will have a wall unit and bookshelves in.  Our room is plenty large to have two beds.  You wouldn't know it in this next picture because our beds are crammed into the middle of the room while we are working around them.  We are still sleeping in the room while the project is going on.  We left a perimeter of about four feet around the edges so we have room to work on the walls and trim.

These beds will each have a linen look canvas headboard (DIY'd from paint dropcloths) when we are finished.  The wall with the three windows will be covered in off white floor to ceiling drapery.  Full wall drapes sort of like what you would find in a luxury hotel (but mine won't be nearly as expensive)!

We are in the process of installing the new 6" baseboards.  We've installed them on the head wall first.  We are getting this wall completed first so we can push the beds back soon.

I've found that filling all of the nail holes and seams with wood putty and then sanding them by hand is pretty time consuming.  So far I have finished the main wall and touched up the paint over the putty spots.  All of the little details take quite a bit of time so it will still be awhile before we are finished.

This past week we took a trip to Ikea and purchased the ceiling track drapery hardware and the curtain panels.  Installing a whole wall of floor to ceiling drapery will also help the room feel taller. 

This coming weekend we will hopefully make allot of progress.  I am hopeful that we will get all of the construction parts of the room completed.  

Once we get to that point, the fun of the actual decorating begins... I can hardly wait!!!  

Tonight hubby and I are going to Home Goods to look for a few items for the room... (lucky me)  I love that store!

Until next time...
Happy decorating!


  1. Very exciting! I love the plank wall.

    Also, I have RLS too, my H accuses me of running in our bed at night :(

    1. Bekah, Your husbands description of what is feels like is fairly accurate. I always try to look on the bright side of things... Your legs may be restless, but thank God you have legs!!! However, having a second bed is nice too :) If you visit later today you will see a new posting showing the plank wall now painted... My progress is a little slow, but it's finally getting there. Why is it everything takes longer to do than we plan? lol



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