Our Master Bedroom Makeover Begins

A few weeks ago I got the idea to makeover our master bedroom to look like a Chic Boutique Hotel Room/Suite.  So last we week as we prepared to begin our project we began with several trips to both Home Depot and Lowe's Home Improvement stores.  On the first trip we got a few new power tools... because new toys for my hubby = a new room for me :) 

We also got a new air compressor so we can use a paint sprayer in our DIY garage paint booth (instead of using spray cans) for the new wood trim that we are going to do in the room.  This will make painting furniture so much easier too!

We (or should I say, my hubby) used a rubber mallet and a crowbar to gently remove the molding from our wall faux headboard.  We were concerned we might have quite a bit of wall damage since we had used construction adhesive and nails to hold it on.  We were lucky that it removed easily and the wall damage was minimal.  

I let my hubby do all the dirty work while I took the pictures :)   I'm pretty smart, don't you think?

We also removed all of our door casing and baseboards.  We will be installing new larger baseboard and door casings in the remodel.  I wanted to add some texture to the room so we are doing a wood wall treatment on this wall.  I have not decided yet whether or not to do crown moldings.  We might, but I will decide that later, as the project progresses.

This project will take us a few weeks to fully complete since my hubby works full time.  He is only available weekends and nights to be my handyman.  I've mentioned before that I have a chronic pain illness so I come up with the ideas.  If my ideas  involve physical labor, he gets to do it.  I am so lucky that he enjoys it!

The plans for this bedroom also include DIY headboards from drop-cloths that will look like linen, furniture makeovers and vintage find up-cycles.  It's going to be fun.  I hope you follow along.

Tomorrow I will share more of our progress.

Until next time...
Happy decorating!

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