Simple Shelves - Huge Help Getting Organized

I love this simple storage solution!  

We moved into our home a bit over two years ago now.  I must admit that we are guilty of having many boxes that were never unpacked.  Our office closet had about 12 boxes full of junk that were just buried inside (behind the closed doors).  This past weekend my husband decided to go through all of the boxes (God bless him)!  After he was done, probably half of the stuff was trash (I have no idea why when we moved we brought some of this stuff/trash with us?).  About 1/4 of the stuff we donated and the last quarter of it was a bunch of office supplies that we had no place to store.  Since office supplies aren't pretty to look at inside the room and we had no sort of closed storage, I came up with the idea to put some kind of shelving into the closet.  We both started thinking about what we could buy or design or create for the closet.  My husband remembered that we had some wall tracks and brackets from an old closet organizer system at our last house.  They were just sitting in our garage unused.  We just needed to go buy shelving materials.  We headed to Home Depot and found some eight foot melamine boards (15" deep) with finished edges that we thought would work perfect in the closet.  We bought two of the boards, had them each cut into four foot lengths and brought them home to install.  

After we got home, my husband Jim got out his level, electric drill and some wall anchors... he found the studs, marked the wall and mounted the brackets all in about 20 minutes.  We added the brackets and placed the shelves on top of them.  It was that simple!  From start to finish, this project took less than 30 minutes to install.  The cost was only $35 for all of the shelving (since the brackets were just collecting dust in our garage, they were free).   I can't believe we didn't think of this sooner!

It is nothing fancy, but in the closet it doesn't need to be... I am loving the vertical storage!  Now I think I want to do the same kind of shelving in my craft room closet and maybe a wall in my master walk in closet.  The simple storage solution is an awesome way to organize much of the chaos!!!

Until next time,
Happy decorating... (or in this case, happy organizing)


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  1. Oh I bet that feels great. Nothing like a good project completed to make you go "Ahh". I always feel so much lighter when I clean and organize something!


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