Are You Thinking About Valentine's Day Yet?

I've been finishing up a few projects but they aren't quite ready to blog about yet.  In the meantime, I was looking around the blogosphere and was surprised to see how many people (DIY blogs) are already talking about Valentine's Day and sharing their Valentine's projects!

Myself, I just barely got Christmas down and I need a bit of a breather before I can start thinking about Valentines Day decorating or gift ideas.  Normally I wouldn't give it any thought until maybe early February.  But I found that as a blogger I need to be sort of like a department store...  Put the holiday stuff up/out early so everyone can start looking and getting ideas for the holiday far in advance.  The reason I know this is because I looked at my blog stats yesterday and I found that the #1 most requested search on my blog right now is "Valentines Day".   It seems crazy to think about it, but its true.

So for those that are already looking for Valentines decorating ideas I thought I would share a cute project that I did last year:

Here is a cute Valentine's bunting flag project that was super easy to make.... It is complete with the tutorial showing how I made it.  The entire project only took about an hour.  The best part of this project is that there is no sewing involved!  

Last year, I found this old vintage book of sheet music at an Antique/Collectible store in town for a few dollars. The book isn't an antique, but is older and was in excellent condition.   I found a box of foam hearts that included glitter lettering at Joann's Crafts.  I already had ribbon in my personal craft stock here at home.  The only other items I needed were ribbon, glue and scissors.

I started by tearing out nine pages from the music book.  I had decided to use an odd number of pages so I would have one hanging directly in the center.  I planned to put a note on the center flag so I needed one in the center (I hope that made sense)...

After tearing out the pages, I cut a straight edge down the side that was torn.  Then I cut and trimmed all of the excess edging around the music.  I made one page as a template for size and then I cut the remaining pages to the same size.

Next I softly folded a few pages at once (without creasing), then I proceeded to cut the bottom off (as shown below)...

I did the same to all of the pages using my first cut piece as a template guide for the remainder of them.

Next, I laid the pages across my floor and placed hearts across them, with dark pink and light pink alternating.  I decided I wanted something a little more decorative than just the alternating colors, so I proceeded to cut out smaller hearts from additional white and light pink hearts.  I folded the foam in half and cut my smaller hearts from the larger ones.  After laying out my pattern, I decided I would lay out my text for the white center heart.

I decided to put the words "Be Mine" on the center heart using the glitter letters that came with the package of hearts.

Next I looked at my two different shades of pink ribbon before deciding to use the dark pink.  I like the contrast between the darker pink and the white paper.  At this point nothing was glued yet.  Everything is just sitting in place so I could see if I liked the look... (which I did!).

I used clear packaging tape fasten the ribbon to the back of each page.  (Note: music was printed on both sides of each page, which is why you see me taping to music).  I left the ribbon slightly below the top of the page so the tape had  paper to adhere to, both above and below the ribbon.  I put about 1 1/2 inches of spacing between each of the flags. 

After fastening all of the pages, I turned over the entire project so I was now looking at the front.

I used my multipurpose craft glue and smeared a bit on the back of each heart and then just eyeballed what looked like the center and fastened each one.  It is a home made craft project so it doesn't have to be perfect...  It is made with love and is supposed to look a little home made :)

So here is it, my finished project.  I love how it turned out!  This is a simple and fun DIY craft that anyone can do.  You can even include the kids on it...  Let them have fun and be creative with it.  Sometimes kids come up with amazing ideas!

Until next time,
Happy decorating!


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