New Years Resolutions or Practical Goals?

Our New Years resolutions are usually some big task that we plan to take on.  Like "tame the bulge" (i.e. Lose 50 pounds); Get in Shape/Exercise, Quit a Bad Habit (like drinking or smoking); Get out of Debt; Get Organized.  These are all great ideas as resolutions.  But most people start off their new year with the best of intentions and then they often lose their momentum by about the end of January.  It's sad, but it's true.

Last year my resolution was to get completely organized.  Hah... I admit I failed that one!  Oh, I did manage to organize a few areas around the house, but am I completely organized???  Not even close!

This year I decided I wasn't going to make some grand resolution, but rather set myself some realistic goals for this new year.  I first must confess that I have this horrible habit of starting projects, making good progress, but then not finishing them.  I often get to about 75% completion and then I get completely sidetracked and I go start on something else.  I am not sure why I do this.  And I do it somewhat regularly.  Right now I have at least five house projects that are "in process".  Sometimes, I am waiting for the funds to finish off the project, but other times I just get lazy toward the end and I move on to something more exciting.  Sheesh, I probably need a counselor to tell me why I am this way.  Are there others out there that are guilty of this too?  Please tell me there are!

My goal this year is to tackle all of my unfinished projects around the house, one at a time, and get them 100% completed.  (Preferably before I start any new ones! hehe) I am making a list of all that I need to do on each project and then I can cross off each step as it is achieved.  This way I will be able to see the actual progress as it takes place.  This is huge for me, because I am not a fan of lists!  But I am doing one because I think it will help.

In the future when I start a large scale project (like remodeling and decorating an entire room) I think I will section the project out into several smaller achievable tasks, rather than taking on the entire room renovation all as one project.  I think this will work better for me.  At least, I sure hope so!  Wish me luck :)

Did you make a New Years Resolution or set any goals for yourself this year?  I'd love to hear them!




  1. Good luck with your goals! I did make a few goals, more of a to-do list really. Here are a couple:

    1. Read More
    2. Spend more time with my doggy :)
    3. Blog at least 3 times/ week
    4. Spend less, SAVE MORE!!


  2. I am guilty of the big goals. I am taking baby steps though, so hopefully I won't lose my momentum. Thankfully, even if I do, I've made quite a bit of progress already and gotten rid of quite a few things as well. Good luck with your goals for the year!

  3. Hi! You're no reply blogger post brought me to your blog. I love it! As far as New Year's Resolution, I did not make one this year. I never stick with them! My fiancé and I did something a little different. We found a great idea to get a jar and if something good happened during your day that put you in a good mood or just anything good, you write it down and put it in the jar. At the end of 2013, we will go through and read them together! We've already got a couple in there :)


    p.s I followed you and added you to my reading list :)

    1. I love your idea about the notes in the jar!!! It should be fun to look back at the end of the year and ready them :)


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