"HONEY STOP THE CAR" - Second Chances Barn Sale

On a recent visit to my parents house, driving through a somewhat remote area of Southern California, on our way to breakfast I saw this place...  I wanted to yell "STOP THE CAR".  But I knew that wouldn't go over too well with my dad.  Plus giving him a heart attack by yelling might not have been a good idea.  I was totally yelling in my head though!!!  I said to my husband, look at that place, I have to go there.  Just driving by I saw so many fun pieces I could hardly stand it!  My hubby suggested I go back there after we had breakfast and dropped my dad at home.  Luckily this place was only about 10 minutes from my parents house, so I was definitely going back!  A couple of hours later I grabbed my sister in law and I was back at "Second Chances Barn" in Fallbrook California.  They have tons of vintage and antique furniture pieces, garden and home decor accessories.  Some have been upcycled, others need work, and many were stunning in their weathered vintage condition.  This kind of place makes me so so happy :)

In years past I had visited and shopped the Fallbrook Barn Sale Trail which was held a couple of times a year in a handful of different barns all over the town.  It was so much fun but I hadn't heard anything about it in quite awhile.  I was completely thrilled to come across this place because I do love me a barn sale!    

Just walking up this property I saw so many great pieces that I would love to own and I got some great ideas from!

The property has hundreds of vintage items outside and a few sheds full of pieces before you even get inside the huge barn.

It's awesome when you see an item that gives you amazing inspiration for a fun project.  I think this kids boat bed-frame would be so much fun in the yard used as a raised vegetable garden!  The front hinged storage chest would be a great place to shed all of the small garden tools and gardening supplies.  If I had a larger yard, this would have come home with me.

These vintage and antique chandeliers had lots of potential.  They were priced from $40 to $55 each which is not a steal, but is still pretty reasonable!  The prices at the barn all varied from low to high.  Since they have a variety of vendors displaying their wares all over the property, you can find some really great deals here.

The interior of the barn had one huge room and a few side rooms.  They were all completely full of items... even many hanging from the ceiling.  I loved seeing all of the vintage chairs they had to offer. 

This place has so much stuff around every corner, you could seriously decorate and entire home nicely from just this one barn sale!

There is definitely something for everyone here!  I spent about 45 minutes on the property, but if I had more time I could have spent a few hours here.  For me I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Although I didn't buy anything on this visit, I did see a few pieces that I am definitely interested in.  If I had the money, I could definitely do some damage at this place!!!

There is a cute blue headboard bench in this next picture.  Some day I want to make one of these...  It's definitely on my list of someday crafts!

Second Chances Barn is located at 3137 South Mission Road in Fallbrook, California (Southern San Diego County).  They are open daily from 10-5 and Sunday from 10-4.  If you are ever in the area, I definitely recommend a visit!


  1. OMG! I wanna go :) That looks so great... I was gobbling up all the candy you shared. So much good stuff. Great patio sets, chairs... all of it. How fun!!

  2. This looks like a wonderful shop. I want to go!

    PS - I just found your blog via Savvy Southern Style and love it. I actually just shared your "glamping" posts on Facebook. Wonderful job on that setup!

  3. Please continue this great work and I look forward to more of your awesome blog posts. Info


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