A Day of Treasure Hunting, Thrifting & Junkin'

Today started with a trip to our local Flea Market, where for the first time ever I didn't spend anything (except the 50 cents to get in... lol).  Afterwards I decided I had to go thrifting because my $23 was burning a hole in my purse :)   

I did run across this fun jeep front that I think would be a totally fun inspiration piece to decorate a young boys room around!  I have two girls and most of my friends have girls, so all of the kids rooms I have decorated have been for girls.  This is the first time I've even had inspiration for a boys theme... but it could be super cute!  Jeep, outdoorsy, nature, off-roading, it would be so much fun.   Hey, my hubby has been wanting a Jeep, do you think this would suffice?   

I also came across these lamps which a couple are great fixer uppers.  Myself, I just don't need any lamps right now... and I'm trying to control my adding things to the "someday" pile in the garage.  Doesn't everyone have one of those piles?

At my first thrift shop I spent a whoppin $8.50 on three vintage frames, an old chunky wooden candlestick and a vintage mason jar that I hadn't seen before.  I must admit that I have a bit of a mason jar addiction!

The frames and chunky candlestick will be getting painted and you can see the before and after pictures in the future.

While I was driving I saw a junk yard along side our freeway (which was screaming out to me "come here") and I decided to pop in and see what they had. They referred to most of their stuff as antiques, which most of it was, but it was all outside rusting away so I really wanted to buy something for cheap :) Yeah, I'm a total bargain shopper...  I can't help it!  My $15 surely wasn't going to get me anything that I wanted!  There was a beautiful (completely rusty) iron headboard and foot-board that I envisioned in my garden with vines growing up it... but I wasn't willing to pay the over $100 the guy wanted for it.  He told me to come back in a few weeks, and then he may lower his prices.  I won't be holding my breath... but I will check back in a month or so.

You have to be a junk lover to see the potential in some of these images/items.  But there are so many things that can be done with all of these beauties!!!  I hate to see them just sitting rusting away... Then again, rust is like gold to some junkers :)  Many of these pieces would add tons of character and charm to an outdoor space or garden.  Unfortunately for now, they are sitting in a weed pile just waiting for a new home.

Check out this wheelbarrow full of rusty barbed wire.  Had to be careful around this place, I'm not sure if my tetanus shot is up to date!

I think everyone can appreciate this old cast iron claw-foot tub...

This stove is nice, but I really like the old wooden sled that is in front of it.  I can imagine it hanging at a winter vacation cabin in the mountains above an amazing stone fireplace (dreaming a bit here).

After the antique overpriced junk yard, I drove a little further up the road... and imagine how excited I got when I saw this sign:

I'd never seen this place before and it's less than 10 minutes from my house... It even amazes me how excited I get over this sort of thing!  It's sorta like the sky opens up and angels start singing.  My husband thinks I'm a little crazy, but he is used to it.

I found a $12 chair that is kind of interesting (sorry the picture is a bit blurry).  The chair is a standard style old oak chair but it has a cutout with an interesting embossed nailhead leather seat center.  I don't like the look of the chair in wood, but it would be pretty painted and distressed (like the picture I posted to the right of it). The blue chair I saw at a store a couple of weeks ago, for a whole lot more than $12.

I also found a funky old brass pendant light fixture.  It doesn't look like much now, but it will.  Can you see that there is a bunch of holes around the bottom of it in the scalloped edging.  Those holes are perfect to hang crystals from!  

A $12 chair and a $4 light fixture... Hmmm.... I figured I could scrounge all the change at the bottom of my purse and probably get both.  I have the perfect spot for that the vintage light (which will become a beautiful petite chandelier when I am done with it) to go above a vanity that I am currently working on.  The chair, although it would be cute, I'm not so sure about painting the leather seat, so I passed on the chair.  I got my little $4 light fixture and still had money left over for lunch!  

Okay, so I actually had my bank card on me, so after some lunch I headed to Home Depot for a few necessary items... paint, primer, chicken wire and a generic plain mailbox.  Interesting list of goodies don't you think???  I'm working on several more projects (currently in my head), and these items are needed to complete them!

As for all of these new projects, I'm thinking I will work on the chicken wire project first.  I will post it in the next few days.

Until next time,
Happy decorating!


  1. Hi Diana,

    So glad you found my blog and invited me to yours. Your home is beautiful...what a treasure to built such a lovely home!

    It always thrills me when someone comments on my wonderful antique floral sign. Many years ago, my husband and I were antiquing in Tennessee in one of our favorite shops. The first thing that stood out to me was this sign, and I immediately said "I've got to have it".
    To find a sign with 'Winfield' was just too amazing as that is my Grandfather's name, and also my son's middle name! Plus, I love to garden and collect old signs!

    Looking forward to following you. Blessings,

  2. I love old things and you did find some awesome stuff! I am now following you on linky. I would love for you to visit, follow back and maybe even link up on my Monday linky party.
    Marcie @ www.IGottaTryThat.com

  3. Hey Diana!
    I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. Be sure to check it out!!
    What Meegan Makes

  4. I could see the jeep front in a man cave.


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