Craft Room Organizing - Cute Storage Bins

My craft room has so much potential, but honestly lately it has been total chaos!!!  It has become my "someday craft project storage room".  My "to do" projects have pretty much infiltrated our home one room at a time and seem to be taking over.  I have been trying to get all of my crafts and projects back into the craft room where they belong and get them organized... and I am making some progress, but I still have a ways to go.  
This week I found these awesome canvas storage bins at Marshalls for $10 each and I picked up six of them (two of each print).  I think they are super cute, so I had to grab them all!  Honestly, I didn't even know how I was going to use them at first.  I just figured that if I didn't use them all, I could return whatever I didn't use.

The first two bins I decided to use for gift bags, tissue paper and bow storage. 

I hung little tags on each rope handle and labeled what is in each tote. 

I previously used these same tags as labels on little baskets I used to organize some of my small items (shown below).

The black shelving units I already had in my craft room. They came from our prior house where we used them in our garage.  I would love to someday have built in's, but these work well for now.

In these other two bins, I've put shipping boxes and wrapping paper.

So when you look at the bins on the shelves I look so organized, but when you look around the room (in this next picture), you can see that I am not there yet!!!  I am a totally embarrassed to show you my chaotic mess, but here it is. 

Yes, I have $5 plastic yard chairs in my craft room.  Don't make fun of them... When you put a pillow under your butt they are actually quite comfortable (hehe).  Someday I will find something better, but for now they work just fine.

As for that towel on the floor.  I was painting glaze onto a frame and didn't want to get it on the carpet and I just haven't gotten around to folding it yet :)

I am grateful to have this room so I can close the door when company comes.  But I'm sharing it with all of you in an attempt to force myself to get it fully organized!  

This week I also found these cool little glass jars, known as anything jars, to store all of my small goodies in.  Things like paper clips, buttons, safety pins, small scrap-booking gadgets and gizmos... you get the idea.  I love this craft storage shelf!  It's not actually on the wall yet, but someday it will be.

I still have a bunch of organizing to do, but it feels really good making a dent in my many piles and seeing the progress!

Until next time...

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  1. Looking good! My craft room is still in the chaos stage :-)

    I'm visiting from Tatertots and Jello Weekend Wrap Up.

  2. Your craft room looks amazing. I love all the organization.

  3. You will get there, you really will! I have had those spots in my home that are finally organized, that I have posted about, and our basement is being finished up, organizational wise, for 2013. It can sometimes feel so incredibly overwhelming, but the end result is SO worth it! By the way, I love all your cute storage options!

  4. What a great site. Will be following.

  5. My loving husband and son's have built me a "studio" where I can do all of my crafting and storage of said "crafting stuff". The problem is...I am much better at crafting and making the mess tHan I am at buying storage solutions. I look on line to see what I would like to do, it is just soooo overwhelming and it stays where ever I leave it. i am organized, but it is not cutsie or pretty the way you are getting yours put away...just where it needs to be for now. One day I will have my super sister to come and help me put the cutsie into my storage solution, but for now, it is matter of fact, stored and right where I know it is...kind of:) Your craft room storage solutions are looking awesome and I am interested in seeing the finished result. BTW...where did you find the scissor carrosel?

    1. Hi Kindra, I got the scissor carousel about seven years ago from Costco. I haven't seen it there in years. However, here is a link where you can buy the same one online if you like (you might need to copy and paste the below text it into your address bar.

      I hope that helps :)


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