Valentine's Plans and Last Minute Ideas

What are you planning for your sweetheart this Valentine's?

Today while I was shopping I encountered a few different men shopping for and planning something special to impress their Valentines.  First I encountered three young men, probably high school age, shopping for their girlfriends.  It was very entertaining to watch.  They were each picking out giant (like 5 foot tall) stuffed animals and huge cards (about three feet tall).  All three guys were doing the same thing, but each choosing different types and styles.  They were laughing and smiling the whole time.  It was cute to see how excited and silly they were while shopping for their sweethearts.  A little later I was in housewares and there were two men talking. They were probably in their mid to late 20's.  One was asking the other, "so I have the table cloth and candles, what else should I do for her?  Then he says "oh, I need to find red fabric napkins.  He was planning a romantic dinner.  It is so nice to see when men take time to think and plan special occasions.  I love that about Valentine's day!  Men have a reason to plan something special for us :)

My husband already sent me a dozen chocolate covered Strawberries and three mini cheesecakes from Shari's Berries.  They arrived on Saturday and they are amazing!  However, I don't know that they do much good for the waistline.

Traditional Valentine gifts include flowers, candy and a nice dinner out (keep in mind that restaurants are very crowded on V-day).  My husband and I tend to have the same dinner each Valentine's Day.  We call in our order to Macaroni Grill and get it to go.  My hubby picks it up on his way home from work.  I set up a carpet  picnic in front of the fireplace with a blanket, place settings, candles and wine.  We are empty nesters so this works well for us :)

Remember, creating a special memory or moment for the two of you doesn't have to be expensive.  Usually things you make that come from the heart are the most meaningful!

Here are some cute ideas of last minute things you can do for Valentine's Day.

1)  Fill a jar with love notes to your sweetheart.
You can use a mason jar or jelly jar and tie a cute ribbon around it.  If you don't have a jar, mason jars are sold at almost every grocery store on the baking aisle.  Also, I know that Michaels and Joanns craft stores sell them individually for just a couple of dollars.

2)  Cut hearts out from colored paper and hang them from the ceiling with ribbon or fishing line.  Depending on the type of ceiling you have, you can use tape or you can use tacks.   You can even write notes on them if you want.

3)  Make a book of coupons or a certificate...  You can hand write or make and print them via your computer.  Suggestions would be things like:  Good for breakfast in bed... Good for 1/2 hour massage... Good for a night out...  Good for a picnic in the park...  Good for (you get the idea, use your imagination)!  I found several links to printable Valentine coupons via google search.  Here is one that I thought was cute:

4)  Make him a special dessert.  After all, they do say that a way to a mans heart is his stomach.  Last week I posted a receipe for a fast and easy dessert, Chocolate Melting Cake.  It is decadent flourless cake and is so easy to make... about 10 minutes to throw together and 30 minutes in the oven.  I highly recommend it!

5) Write a love poem.  Okay, so I know this isn't easy for everyone... So if you can't write one yourself, do a search for love poems and see what you can come up with.  Print it and maybe put it in a frame.  I recently did a printable of 1 Corinthians 13.  Although it is not a poem... It is the best definition of LOVE you will ever find!

6) Make a Valentine Card or Print some FREE Printable Valentine's Art... All you have to do is print it.  Then you can put it in a frame, or use it as a Valentine's card cover, maybe even cut one out and put it on his bathroom mirror for him to see as he gets ready for work.  There are tons of FREE printable Valentine's via the internet!

Craft DIY Ideas

Link parties I'm attending: 

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine's, if it is from your heart it will be special.  Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed day!

Until next time...


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