From Adorable to Romantic - Valentine's Ideas

This is an absolute favorite of mine... I DIG YOU!  Valentine's shovels with a bag of candies tied to the handle.  This is an easy DIY, you can get the kids involved on this one!  Finding the plastic shovels is probably the hardest part. You could probably find them at a party supply or a craft store.  A little Valentine name tag tied to each handle would be a cute way to personalize them.  Soooo sweet !!!


How cute are these?  Valentines lunch bags.  You can do these for your kids so they have a special lunch or the kids can give out Valentine treats to their friends this way.  They are adorable and so easy to do!  The kids will love them <3


I love bunting banners... I posted the one I made for Valentine's a few days ago.  Here is one that I thought was super cute.  Any little girl would love to have this in her room, especially if her mommy made it!

source: unknown

This connected hearts chain is sweet and it is a pretty easy DIY.  All you need is strips of paper and a stapler.  I think it would look pretty to alternate colors too.  I'd like to see it in pink and white or red and white (just my preference)...

source: unknown

And now for a little romance... Roses inside of ice cubes.  I would just die if my husband did something like this for me.  I love when the men come up with something creative and romantic!  To do these, just use a large ice cube tray.  Make sure you get roses that will fit inside the tray (a rose with a smaller size head).  Note: I've found that grocery stores and also Costco/Sams Club usually have inexpensive deals on roses (like $7 to $10 a dozen).  Where we live there are often guys on the freeway offramps selling them around Valentine's day for reasonable prices too.  Nothing against the higher end flower shops, but if I'm going to freeze them, I don't way to pay too much for them.. (hehe).  Cut off the stems and place the rose heads facedown in the tray, then fill it with water and freeze.  The rose heads will want to float up.  I suggest putting  a second ice tray with water for weight on top of them to hold them submerged while they freeze.  These are perfect for an ice bucket!  

Side note: Although many roses are edible, for obvious reasons, I wouldn't actually put these ice cubes into drinks..  Unless you know for a fact that your roses are edible and were grown free of chemicals and fertilizers and such, you don't know what they've been through, so you probably don't want to ingest them.  Therefore, I think they should be used as decorations only.

source: Jonathan Fong Style

I think this is the ultimate romantic gesture for Valentine's... My hubby drawing an amazing bath for two ;)  Fill it with roses or rose petals... light a few candles, pop a little bubbly and then spend a romantic evening in it together.


When it comes to Valentine's day there are many creative and easy DIY ideas out there.  This has been a small sampling of a few that I found that have inspired me.  I would love to hear from you about your plans for Valentine's day and any DIY projects that you are doing to make your day special.



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