Mason Jar Drinking Mugs

How cute are these?  Love !!!
I think we all love mason jars and drinking sweet tea or lemonade from them!  I just came across these adorable mason jar mugs on Amazon and wanted to share them with you all :)

They come as 16 oz. mugs with either a Plain Front Panel or this printed Country Fair  drinking jar panel. I'm totally lovin em!  And they are priced so so reasonable!  They are sold in sets of 12 and are only about $2 per mug :)

I think the Country Fair printed mug is super cute, but for me I'm going to order the simple mugs with the plain front!!!  My decision was helped by the fact that for a dozen of these plain panel jars the shipping is actually FREE... Woohoo.... I love getting a deal! Below is the link to this deal for any of you who are interested.

Until next time...
Happy decorating!


  1. Hi. Thanks for following me on linky followers. I followed you. So glad I found your blog. You have lots of great things!

  2. You're right! It's so cute! Best for those people that love coffee or beer. Surely my brother in law will be happy to received this as a gift for Christmas. Thank you for this post.


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