Paint, paint and more paint

There are many things you can do to spruce up a room when decorating on a tight budget.  Paint is probably the least expensive way to decorate and it adds instant color to your space. Painting a focal wall (just the main wall) can really add a pop of color without overdoing it... Painting only one wall is fast and only costs $10 to $15 for the paint.

We moved into a brand new house just over a year ago.  The entire house was filled with white walls.  Let me tell you, having all white walls gets old and boring pretty fast! I don't paint many bold colors in my home, as I prefer my pops of color to be in my accessories, but I did still needed some color on our walls. My husband is amazing! I am so lucky that he does not mind doing weekend projects for me. Our first project in the house, a couple of days after we moved in, was to paint our family room fireplace wall and the back wall of our television niche. Within a couple of weeks we painted the main dining room wall and our entryway wall, both in a sage green. For me, the nice thing about painting just a couple of walls in a space is that I can easily change them whenever I get bored, or have my husband change them for me (lucky me).

I must admit that in the year we have been in our home I've had my husband paint our entire master bedroom twice now. The great thing is that the paint for the entire room was only $25. So painting a second time was not too expensive. There first round of paint in our bedroom, about six months ago, I had picked a very generic beige color. I quickly got bored with it so this past weekend I had him paint the room an aqua blue. I absolutely love the new color! I am not yet posting pictures of it because it is still very much a work in progress. I am refinishing a few pieces of vintage furniture and finding some new accessories.  I hope to post pictures in a couple of weeks.

I am sharing this story because I learned a huge lesson about not settling. I originally wanted to paint aqua in our master bedroom. Six months ago, the first time we painted, I had completely chickened out thinking it was too much of a commitment so instead I had chosen beige. That was a big mistake! Every day when I looked at the walls I was disappointed.  There was nothing wrong with the beige, it just wasn't what I truly wanted.  So when I comes to paint, GO FOR IT... Paint the color you really want!

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