My Most Popular Blog Post - Greeting Card Organizer

As a blogger it's so much fun to see what posts people like and visit the most.  In this past year my most popular blog post has been this Greeting Card Organizer.  

It's obvious that many people like great ideas on how to get organized and this was one of my best: 

Organized Craft Space - Greeting Card Organizer

I like to keep a variety of greeting cards on hand. They are so much cheaper to purchase in a box assortment than they are buying them individually! Did you know that if you bargain shop you can buy an entire box of 12 to 24 greeting cards for between $5 and $10? When buying just one greeting card can cost $4 or $5, it is much cheaper to buy them by the box! It is also super convenient to always have them on hand. I keep an assortment of blank cards as well because I like crafting handmade cards myself. I had never had one specific spot to keep all of my cards, so I was on a mission to find a way to organize them and this is what I came up with. 

I found this great clear organizer box with dividers on-line.  It is the perfect size for what I needed for all of my cards.  If you are interested in getting your own you can view it for purchase HERE.

I decided I wanted to create a label on my box with Chalkboard Contact Paper and a Liquid Chalk Marker.  I love the chalkboard contact paper because you can write on it, erase it and write again... cut it (or use your Cricut or Silhouette Craft Cutter) and cut it into any fun shape you like.  The contact paper sticks well but also can be easily removed when needed.  It works great on canisters in the pantry, arts and craft jars and organizers and so many more things...  Chalkboard labels in the kids room are super cute too!  Okay, okay, so I went off on a tangent... Now, back to my project :)

I love using Liquid Chalk Markers because the writing does not smudge when you touch it unless you wipe it with something damp or wet.  

I didn't like my writing the first time, so I erased it and re-wrote what I wanted in cursive.

We have an old little p-Touch Personal Label Machine by Brother that I used to label the inside dividers. You can purchase these label makers for under $20. I've had mine for several years and it really comes in handy!

Having all of these greeting cards and craft cards organized will make it so much easier to find my cards when I need them!  It's amazing to me that this little bit of organization makes me feel so accomplished :)  

I like that this box easy to see and recognize no matter where I put it.  I have labeled the top and front so I will notice it even if it is in a stack of goodies!  I think I am going to get another one or two of these to sort crafting stickers and items that I have piled around my craft room (yes, I have piles, doesn't everyone???).  I like that I can stack several of them on top of one another and still see what is in them.  

I'm feeling so inspired after this project!  Now I just need to find the energy to organize the rest of the house :)  Anyone wanna help me?

Update: I am still organizing the house. I think it is a never ending process!!!  I have purchased a second one of these card organizer files as my card library has grown. I am loving having cards on hand no matter what the occasion!

I hope this simple project inspires you to get organized.

Until next time,
Happy decorating and happy organizing!



  1. Thanks for this post Diana. I am a keeper of every greeting card that I have received through the years (I know, pretty sentimental), and have long stored them just thrown in some shoe boxes. This is a great way for me to organize those - and I know I'll take a nostalgic journey as I'm doing so. I'm enjoying your site!

  2. Thanks for this great idea. I usually mass produce when making cards so I can keep some on hand. This is a perfect solution.


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