Craft Happy... Craft Room Makeover Progress Report

My craft room has been undergoing a complete makeover for awhile now. I've added several new things so I thought it was time to update you with a progress report. Although this isn't the full grand reveal, this will show you much of the progress that has been made... Note: I'm working on a few different projects in addition to this room. So, I'm a bit slow between updates... Please bare with me!

Recent updates include the black trim molding that we've added around the peg board. I also put simple black curtains under the desk area. I used an inexpensive cafe rod and hooks and recessed the rod about 10 inches back from the edge of the desk top (leaving room for my legs to sit comfortably underneath when I sit here. The curtains hide the ugly oak storage shelf that I put underneath. (see video at the bottom of post to see the curtains operate). The old oak shelving unit that is hidden underneath actually works as the support for the table top. I wanted the appearance of a free floating desk... without any legs on the corners to get in the way.  We used "L" brackets to fasten the back to the wall so it can't tip forward.  It came out even better than I thought it would!  

I found this great 5' x 7' black and white graphic rug for only $27 at Ross. It provides a nice pop of contrast to the floor. 

I have made a few additional craft room updates. You can see each of them via my YouTube video below.  Also visit the Anyone Can Decorate YouTube channel to see more of what I am up to.

Until next time,
Happy decorating!



  1. Nice Job on your craft room! Love the $27 rug you found at Ross'! Can you please tell me where you found your black and white canvas storage cube/bins?

    1. The canvas bins came from Marshall's and HomeGoods. There store is hit or miss so you have to look for things like this weekly there. Best of luck!


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