Home Goods - Great Decor Source for Any Budget

Finding great accessories is key to decorating a beautiful space.  I've found that HomeGoods is one of the best stores to find decorative items for any room!  

They have a great selection of bedding, linens, art, mirrors, lighting, area rugs, small furniture pieces, baskets, seasonal decor items and more.  They carry a variety of styles and are very reasonably priced.  

These pictures were all taken by me during different trips the HomeGoods store near me.

The stores motto is "HomeGoods Happy"... and each time I visit the store it definitely makes me happy!  My wallet, maybe not so much :)

If you don't have a HomeGoods in your area, you can still find great decor items at bargain prices at both T.J. Maxx and Marshalls (as these stores are each owned by the same company as HomeGoods).  

Happy shopping!


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