Going Greige (grey-beige)

Although we have several projects in the works, this week I decided that we needed to paint our old office... I was completely bored with having white walls! We are no longer going to use this room as an office since we each have laptops... I am going to make this room into a second guest room.   

I found an old gallon of Antique White paint that I hadn't used from a few years ago. I never used it because it looked kinda peach (which is not a color I want on our walls).  I decided to mix some darker colors of paint with the Antique White to see what I could come up with.  I ended up with a beautiful Greige (grey beige) color.

My wonderful husband painted the room for me.  Wow, what a difference a bit of color can make!  Paint is definitely the cheapest way to spruce up a room... and in the case it was free since I mixed it from old leftovers :) 

Now that the room is painted, it's time for me to get decorating.

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