My Biggest Challenge as a DIY Blogger

As a blogger I've found that the biggest problem I've had is the ability to consistently get good photos. Most of my photos are taken inside of my home and if the lighting isn't just right, my pictures just don't do any justice to my projects. I feel like I'm spending as much time taking my photos as I do on many of the projects themselves. Taking as many as 40, 50 or even 100 shots to try to get just a few good one's probably isn't the best use of time. Lately I haven't been posting very often because I'm so frustrated that my photos just don't look good enough. 

I currently have about five projects that I want to share... I've shot several pictures of these projects, but none of them are good enough to post. I have a fairly decent Nikon camera... and outdoors it takes beautiful photos. I feel I should be able to get better quality photos indoors. I've read all about my camera and how to use it, but I am still struggling!  

I've decided that it's time I do something to improve the quality of my photos and spend less time taking them.  At first I thought I needed a better (much more expensive) camera... but after some research I found that I actually just need to improve my lighting.  I've decided to invest in some (not too expensive) photography and video lighting to create my own home studio. I've been researching different lighting options and have found a few that are rated well for their inexpensive cost.  After reading many reviews I've decided to purchase these portable umbrella photography lights.

I can't wait to receive them and test them out.  I will show you my results of photos taken without the new lighting and then the photos taken with my new studio quality lighting.  I hope to be able to show you a huge improvement in the quality of my photos... and also be able to significantly reduce the number of photos I have to take.

Until next time...

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