DIY Garage Spray Paint Booth

It's been almost two years since my husband built me this amazing paint booth in our garage. It is one of my favorite ever DIY projects.  It makes painting so much easier than it was outdoors. Being able to contain the paint dust to a small area is wonderful!  

We are very blessed to have a garage that is 40 feet deep. It allows us a to have a workshop, a paint booth, storage for all of our junk (my husband probably says it's all my junk), (but I call all that stuff "my treasures"), and we still have enough room to park both of our cars. 

I used to paint furniture by hand with just a brush and or roller, which takes forever!  For smaller items I would use a can of spray paint in our back yard (where often half of the paint would spray into the wind and then dust and bugs would fly into the paint) which was a major pain! 

After getting the idea for a paint booth from my dads workshop, my husband (did I mention he is amazing?) built me this paint booth in our garage. He used thick painters plastic for the walls, 2" x 2" wood strips to fasten the plastic to the ceiling across the top and also wood strips stapled at the bottom of each side (plastic sheet) to weight them down... Then Duck brand duct tape was wrapped onto the edges of the plastic to reinforce the edges. We then added Velcro (sticky back) down the side edges (on top of the duct tape) to seam/stick the edges together for when the booth is in use (sealing in the dust). The Velcro easily pulls apart for entrance and exit to the booth. We put a large canvas painters tarp on the floor (to protect it from the paint mess).  When the booth is not in use the sides can be rolled up and tied to the ceiling to get it out of the way.   

In this next picture you can see how well the Velcro holds the corners together which keeps the paint over-spray (paint dust) from getting all over the garage.

The paint booth measures 10 feet wide by 10 feet across and also has a 10 foot high ceiling.  The area has good overhead lighting which makes the space great for painting any time day or night. (So now in the middle of the night, when insomnia kicks in and I can't sleep I can just get up and paint... hehe).

The first piece we painted in the booth is this old small oak round table (which was ugly golden oak from about the 80's).  A coat of paint and it already looks so much better!  I must say that spray painting without the outdoor breeze blowing my paint away makes it so so so much easier!  And I no longer waste half of my paint.

The paint booth is built around the side door of the garage which is great  because when the weather is nice (which is almost always as we live in Southern California) I can open the door for some fresh air (ventilation of the paint fumes).

Note:  When spraying paint we always wear a mask (protective gear) so not to breath the fumes.  Also we open the side door for ventilation whenever the wind isn't blowing.

Rope is used on each edge to tie up the sides of the booth when it is not in use (see below).


Since we added the paint booth to our garage we have painted dozens and dozens of items in it. Some with a spray gun and some with cans of spray paint. Both work wonderfully in the booth and I'm loving it!

Until next time,

Happy decorating!


  1. Audrey,

    I have added a picture to the blog post with a description of how we tie the sides up. I hope it helps...


  2. For everyone reading this, Please do your home work on what is needed for oil base sprayed solvents. This is a great paint booth for water based paints and very small spray can projects. As for oil based sprayed top coats like polyurethane or oil based paints.They can become very explosive without a well planned ventilation. All electrical devices need to be turned off even the water heater especially if it is gas! Also do not run any power tools as well. The fumes are extremely flammable. All lights that are on should be outside the booth and turned off before you rase the walls to ventilate. I am not against what you built I just want everyone to be safe!

    1. All painting we do from our spray gun we use only water based latex paint... On occasion I have smaller projects where we use spray paint from a can, but we always keep the side door (in the booth) open for ventilation.

      Best regards,


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