Update and Simple Fun Fall Decor

Earlier this week we finally got my daughter moved into her new apartment.  Yay!  After a few delays and issues with the unit, the wait is finally over.  She no longer has her wardrobe in her car and no longer feels like she is homeless.  Of course she was never really homeless, but staying with friends and not having her own space for two weeks, it did give her a whole new appreciation for having her own place again!!!

Her furniture fits perfectly in the new space.  This weekend we will be getting to some of the fun decor items up.  I will share photos with you all next week.

In the meantime, while we were eating at a restaurant in her new neighborhood I saw this fun Fall decor an snapped a few pictures.

I love the big branch and the Fall leaves hanging from it.  The fact that it is in front of a mirror helped to make it look like an actual tree was in the space. This pictures does not begin to do it justice, but in person it really was very charming.  

The restaurant we were at is called Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop.  It is an Organic Health Food restaurant.... But don't let that scare you. The flavors and combinations of so many amazing dishes that they offer make this a good lunch spot for just about anyone.

I had a quinoa side dish and a house salad.  Both were yummy and the prices were quite reasonable too.  If you are ever in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area, I definitely recommend giving this restaurant a try.   For additional information on this restaurant and their other locations you can visit their website: 


Hillgren Square Shopping Center
234 E 17th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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