Fun Fall Pumpkin - Easy DIY Painting

Things this week have been busy crazy!  So I thought I'd share a cute pumpkin painting idea from last fall.

I purchased faux pumpkins from my local craft store so I could display them for more than one season.  I love chevron, but I didn't necessarily want to paint an entire pumpkin chevron, so I taped of the center of this pumpkin with masking tape in the zig zag pattern all the way around.

I painted the top half with Martha Stewart Metallic gold.  I applied the paint with a sponge brush.  The first coat of paint was pretty thin so I opted for a second coat after the first had dried.

After painting the pumpkin with two coats the gold was much more prominent.  

The gold was a bit too yellow for my preference so after removing the tape from the pumpkin I brushed a brown antiquing glaze over the entire surface.  I love the final look.  

I hope you are all doing well!  I will share more fun Fall DIY's soon.

Until next time,
Happy decorating!



  1. This is so cute! I'm obsessed with chevron and I've been looking for ways to make my cube at work festive for fall. I will definitely be trying this.


  2. Love your simple pumpkin painting. So classy and eye-catching!

  3. Great idea for decorating a pumpkin, Love the gold with the orange! I found your post through Laurel from The North End Loft featuring your craft project on Friday Finds. Congrats! ~ Jamie


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