Road Trip - My Visit to "Pretty In Paint"

While on our road trip there was a new store that I'd been dying to see located in Oregon.  I'd planned to see it as my first official stop on the trip (after a day and a half of driving)...  

The store is called "Pretty in Paint".  I've been following both the Pretty in Paint FB page and blog for quite awhile now.  I enjoyed reading about and following pictures of the stores transformation since Mindy first announced that she was going to be opening a store. Pretty in Paint is located at 305 N. Bartlett Street, in Medford, Oregon.  

I love the store so much that I wanted to share it with all of you.

After driving for a day and a half I knew I had finally arrived in Oregon once I saw this logging truck.  

Yay, that meant that in about half an hour I would finally get to see "Pretty in Paint" in person :)

Let me first say, Pretty in Paint is my dream store... I could spend all day in there and never get bored!!!  There is so much pretty stuff and several pieces I would have loved to bring home.  Here is a tour of all the pretties... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Major eye candy!!!  Enjoy.

The store had several beautiful chandeliers and lighting options.  I especially enjoyed the chandeliers made from wine barrels.  Each one was a unique piece of art!

There were many hand painted signs throughout the store.  I liked so many of them I struggled to decide which one I needed to take home with me.  I'm happy to say that I ended up with two of them.

There was actually another that I wanted, but it was a bit too large for the car since we had a weeks worth of road trip still and our luggage filled up the back.

Mindy, the store owner, seen working at the counter in the background is such a sweetheart! Although I had never met her before, by the time I left her store, I felt like we were old friends. 

If you are ever in Oregon and get a chance to go through Medford, make sure you visit this beautiful store.  For more information on Pretty in Paint and the store hours, you can visit the Pretty in Paint Facebook page for all of the details.  Make sure to "like" the page while you are there.  I love that they post photo updates of new items in the store.

Until next time,
Happy decorating!


P.S. - More road trip to come soon :)

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