My DIY Christmas Ornament Chandelier

Today I made this Christmas Ornament chandelier.  We found this branch last year in the mountains and my husband sanded all of the bark off of it.  He kept calling it his walking stick (not that he needs one).  I knew eventually I would find a use for it!  Last night I  had my hubby put two hooks in the ceiling so I could put up this cutie.
I started my project with the branch, ceiling hooks
ceiling hooks, fishing line (since it is clear and strong) to hang everything with, and some pretty ornaments (two of which hold votive candles).

I hung the branch about two feet below the 9' ceiling.  I used fishing line so it looks like it is floating in the air.

Then I started hanging the ornaments at random heights across the branch.  Only two of the ornaments hold a candle and I wanted to figure a way to have more candle light on the piece.

I decided to add a few hanging mason jars with votive candles in them.  These are actually battery operated votive candles  and jars I had used this past summer for our "glamping" camping trip.  If you are interested you can see that post - HERE.  

The snowflake ornaments and candle holders are all beaded with crystal beads which give them lots of sparkle and bling!

This finished candle ornament chandelier is so sparkly and pretty!  I love it :)  

Until next time...
Happy decorating!


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  1. Absolutely fabulous!!! I love the sparkle next to the natural branch. Looks beautiful.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Party with the Wildly Original Crowd.

  2. This is soooo flippin' awesome and original! I was thinking this could be used anytime of year with different seasonal items or things that match a decorating scheme perhaps? I would have to think upon it and tinker with that thought. I wanted to pin this because this definitely needs and deserves to be pinned but I could not locate a pin button. This is just totally flippin' fantastic and truly original!!! xo

  3. I love it! It looks so elegant! What a pretty piece!

  4. Where can I find the snowflake that holds the candle?

    1. I found those at Marshall's. They only had the two when I was there. If you have a HomeGoods in your area, I would check there! HomeGoods, Marshall's and TJ Maxx are all part of the same company and the HomeGoods stores have the largest selection of decor items.

  5. Simply gorgeous!, want to come do my home?

  6. Truly ingenious... I will definitely try this one... Thank you so much.


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