Christmas Gift Wrapping with Monogram Tags

Today I am trying to decide how I want to wrap this years Christmas presents.  I often try to come up with a theme or color coordinated wrapping scheme.  It might seem a little OCD, but I'm really not OCD, I promise :)  I just really  like the look of it.  Last year I wrapped with a simple silver, metallic and white paper and then made custom monogram glitter tags with my Cricut electronic cutting machine.  Then I used vintage sparkling blingy hat pins to hold the tags to the ribbons.  Below are a few pictures of last years pins, gift tags and finished wrapped presents.

I found these vintage hat pins at a collectible/antique store for a few dollars each.  I was drawn to each of them because of their beautiful rhinestones which add lots of bling to the gifts!

I used a couple of sheets of Glitter Scrapbook Cardstock Paper and cut them with my Cricut to make these cute tags and letter cutouts...  

Helpful hint: If you've never used a Cricut or other electronic cutter, they are super easy to use and they make crafting so much fun!  I am very lucky to have my own.  However, if you don't have one, some craft and scrapbook stores do have machines that they will allow you to use and they charge you just a couple of dollars to use them.

I will start wrapping this years presents tomorrow.  I have come up with a super cute theme and I have most of my supplies already.  I am going to try to match the look of the presents to this years Christmas tree, red, a turquoise aqua color and natural burlap (tan).  

The title of this years gift wrap theme will be "Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Strings"...  I will share them with you when I am finished.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season!



  1. Beautifully decorated gifts! Thanks for the tips and inspiration.
    This year I am trying to use up all my mismatched wrapping paper, so I can start of with beautiful matching paper next year! Without feeling guilty about wasting!

    =) Brooke

  2. I wish I had the TIME to wrap so beautifully! I do buy coordinating paper, that matches my treee; all red and gold:) XO, pinky

  3. These are just beautiful.

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