Invitation - Pool Noodle Craft Party

Hi all.... Yesterday I went to Walmart and bought a pool noodle.  WHY, you ask???  Because I am going to the pool noodle craft party.  

Don't be left out... Go get your noodle so you can come party too!

There are tons of crafts to be made with a pool noodle!!!  The most common seems to be wreaths.  I have so many ideas in my head of things I can do with my noodle but I decided to search the net for inspiration and some sort of direction in this crazy scatterbrained head of mine!  I searched on the internet for "pool noodle wreath images" and I found tons of cute inspirational pictures.  Now I'm heading to Joanne's Craft Store to buy a few items and get to crafting :)

Shannon over at Fox Hollow Cottage made the adorable wreath pictured below and is co-hosting the party.  Visit her site for details - Fox Hollow Cottage Wreath Tutorial

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