STAYCATION... and a Flea Market Find

I was so out of it this past week since getting home from our vacation.  It was like I needed a staycation to recover from my vacation!!!  I got a few things done, like unpacking (dumping my suitcase onto the floor)... washing laundry (like two loads), loading vacation photos to my computer (which took a few minutes), I managed to post on my blog (only once) and then I pretty much rested (became a couch potato)!  Seriously, I was exhausted and I totally struggled to get back to feeling like myself.  But, I feel like I am finally back to being me.  

Today was sunny and beautiful and we went to our local nursery for some veggie plants, then we came home and planted our vegetable garden.  I took pictures of it which I will share with you soon...

Yesterday we hit our local flea market and although I didn't find much this time, I did find a cool old wood Pepsi crate, for only $5, that inspired me for my theme for our Glamping (glamorous camping) trip we are going on in a few weeks.  Since we are going in late June I am going to go with a red, white and blue patriotic theme (since it is a little before July 4th, Independence Day).  I didn't take a picture of my Pepsi crate yet, but it looks very much like the one pictured below that I found earlier today on ETSY (for $35)... I so love that I only paid $5 for mine!!!

Although the crate by itself doesn't look like much, it will be really cute in the center of our picnic table holding a few decorative pieces and maybe some flowers.

I've been looking at pictures for ideas of things I can make and or paint for use in decorating our campsite.  I figure after we get back from camping/glamping, then I can use the decor around our house for the 4th of July holiday!

Over the next few weeks I will share a few of my items as I make them with their DIY tutorials...  Although I will be doing a patriotic theme, it won't be literal flags.  It will have a bit of a vintage and shabby distressed feel, with patriotic USA colors.  I'm still working on the details and finding creating the items I will use to decorate.  I'm excited about it and am hopeful that I can come up with some fun and inspirational (inexpensive) decor.   

If you have any simple 4th of July decor ideas I'd love to hear about them!


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