To Post or Not to Post

Things have been crazy lately.  I feel like I've been soooo so busy, but I have yet to accomplish finishing any projects this month.  There has been family health issues (which took us out of state for a bit), my daughter is about to graduate from college...  (which we are preparing for and I'm doing a few projects for), today is my birthday (so I got to play and get a much needed hour long massage)... and we are getting ready to go on a cruise (so shopping for clothes, cute shoes, sunscreen and fun stuff has pretty much been a priority lately)... Plus doing tons of laundry and packing has kept me busy busy busy!  On top of all that; housework, company visiting, cooking meals, working on our veggie garden and back yard and just life in general has kept me from blogging much as of recent.  I promise I will get back to my tons of projects in the near future, after graduation this weekend and our week long Mexican Riviera cruise this next week!

We will be cruising on that ship that broke down a few years ago on it's maiden voyage.... The one that had no electricity and no running water or flushing toilets for days and they were stuck at sea.  I assume that can only happen once... hehe, praying!!!  Anyways, we got a great deal because of recent negative publicity with the cruiselines.   Hopefully we will have a great time and won't have anything negative happen to us!

I will not be posting from the cruise ship as I have a lame phone and I won't have any service when I'm out of the country, but when I get back I will post lots of fun pictures and probably a few stories of all of the festivities!  Hopefully the stories will all be fun ones!!!

Wish us luck :)

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