Decorating Dreams and Inspirations

I think we all have decorating dreams.... maybe a dream room we would like to create or a dream style that we would like to put into our home or space. However, we don't always know how or where to start.  I find that assembling pictures of the furnishings and decorative accessories, along with paint samples and fabric samples into one place helps me visualize my space and see what looks best together.

I used to subscribe to several decorating magazines. In addition, I would often purchase an issue of a magazine at the checkout of the grocery store for just one picture that I loved. After looking through each magazine, I had a hard time parting with any of the older issues because there were always a few pictures or ideas I didn't want to forget. Eventually I had piles of magazines around my apartment. I had to find a way to condense and organize all of my favorite pictures and articles. I started by cutting out my favorite things from each magazine and then discarding the rest of each issue. I bought a large three ring binder and tons of clear sleeves. The clear insert sleeves made it easy to slip pictures and pages into my binder and move and organize them as I added more. Whenever I need decorating inspiration I refer back to my binder.  Now when I find a picture I love I print it off the net and add them to my binder. Also, I must admit that when I'm at the grocery check out and I see a magazine that I love a picture in, I snap a picture with my cell phone camera and later print a picture for my binder.   I know that is cheating a bit, but I don't usually want to purchase the whole magazine.

A great way to assemble your thoughts and decorating ideas for a specific room is to create a inspiration styleboard... either electronically or on a bulletin board. A fun place to make digital inspiration boards in on HGTV. Go to their site and search for "Make a styleboard". There are hundreds of digital images and ideas for you to view and to use to create your own dream idea board. Below are a few pictures of styleboards from HGTV.

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