Bookshelves - Not Just for Books

Bookshelves are a great way to display your favorite items. Try mixing a variety of books with decorative decor, art, architectural pieces and framed photos into the mix.  Don’t be afraid to move things around and play with different vignettes within the shelves until you find a look that you like.  If it seems difficult at first, it will get easier and you will develop an eye for making beautiful displays.  If you have a lot of books, place groups of them both vertically and horizontally throughout the shelves.  Horizontal books can be used underneath other decorative pieces to add height and interest.  To add extra dimension to your shelves you can paint the back wall of the bookshelves  in a contrasting color.  You can go subtle or bright depending on your color preference.  Happy decorating! 

.(photo sources: Chicago Home + Garden, frecklesandivory, Blue Interior, DIY Revolution)

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