DIY Blogger Challenges - My Laptop Died

When it comes to computers I basically have two.  A 15 month old a Windows based laptop and an iPad mini.  My 15 month old ASUS laptop has decided to completely die on me! It has no power (zero). When I plug it in it won't charge at all. Of course this is the first time that I didn't buy the extended warranty (go figure)... Why is it that when you buy the extra warranty you never need it, but when you don't have the extended warranty things break??? And they usually break shortly after the manufacturers warranty expires. Ugh!!!

I've always figured that if I ever had a problem with my laptop I could just blog from my iPad. So here I am typing very very slowly from my mini... The sad thing is I've discovered that I'm clueless at how to attach any pictures via my iPad! I didn't think I was technologically challenged, but apparently I am ;)

So although I have three projects to share with you, it may be several days before you will see any actual pictures.  I'm not sure if it's worth paying to have the laptop repaired or if I will just have to get another. Tomorrow I will visit Geek Squad and see what my options are.

In the meantime,
Happy Decorating and God Bless!


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