DIY Linen Spray - Simple Holiday Gift Idea

Have you ever wanted to make your own Linen Spray?  I have... and today I did.  It is surprisingly simple to make and I am obsessed with how amazing it smells!

I went to my local health-food store and picked up a few essential oils so I could make a few different combinations.  To make linen spray it only required three ingredients.  

Note: I also picked up a couple of spray (spritz/mist) bottles to put the spray in.  I made enough to have one bottle for me and one to give as a gift. 


Pure Orange Essential Oil
Distilled Water

Also needed: Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Put 2 cups of distilled water into a container (or mist bottle)
add 15 drops of Lavender Oil
add 10 drops of Orange Oil

Put in sealed mist bottle (shake well before each use)

Yes, it is that easy! 

The lavender is the main scent used in most linen sprays. Lavender is know for having a relaxing calming effect on humans.  I added the Orange Oil because it adds an additional sweet smell to the spray and also because citrus can be used as a natural bug repellent.  Many bugs (and spiders) do not like citrus (or citronella) so they will avoid wherever citrus is sprayed.  I don't know about you, but every now and then a spider will climb into the sheets.  There is nothing I hate more than waking up with a spider or mosquito bite.  Also, the thought of a bug in the bed is totally creepy. So I've decided to give my sheets and pillows a few sprays once a week.  They smell amazing and once a week should be enough to keep the citrus activated to keep any unwanted critters away.

I had read that essential oils that are heavily diluted with water will not stain. However, I was not sure about the orange oil because the color is quite intense in the pure oil.  However once it is mixed with the water I could not see any color.  After putting the mixture into the mister bottle, I spritzed my crisp white sheets and pillow cases and also all around the base of the bed.  I saw one spider in my room earlier this year so mentally I like the idea of spraying around the bed!  After spraying much more than necessary all over the sheets and pillowcases (as a test) I do not see any residue of any kind.  I now feel totally confident recommending it.

I used my P-touch label maker to make labels for the bottles.

With essential oils a little goes a long way!  The 15 drops I used to make this spray did not even make a dent in my one ounce bottle of oil.  I could probably make about 40 more bottles before I would use the up the oils.  

If you are looking for an idea for homemade gifts to give this holiday season, this is a great one and it is a super easy DIY project.  You could make several of them very quickly and they would only cost a few dollars each.  Wrapped in clear cellophane with a ribbon tied at the top, this would be an adorable gift!  

Until next time...


These oils can be found online linked to the photos below:


Fine mist spray bottle (5 oz.)  link below:

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