Gorgeous Blue Mason Jars with Vintage Style

I love using mason jars for everything from floral vases... to sweet tea and lemonade drinking cups... to cute organizers for nuts and bolts.  So when I came across these gorgeous new Ball Heritage Mason Jars, that look vintage (at a fraction of the cost), I absolutely had to get some!

I have collected some vintage and antique aqua mason jars, but am afraid to use them for drinks since they are somewhat expensive when I find them at antique and collectible stores.  I was able to get six of these beautiful Heritage Mason Jars  delivered to my door for about the same price as what one vintage jar costs.

The blue color on these jars is a bit more intense that on the original old blue mason jars, but I actually like these better.  I am loving them... They are so pretty!!!

On the left side of the picture, I made a simple refreshing drink with ice cubes, water, a few strawberries and lemon slices...  The drink on the right side of the picture is good ol sweet tea.  Yum!!!

I have heard these are on limited release so I'm not sure how long they will be available.  If you want to get some, you can order them HERE.


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  1. Those jars are lovely! I have some large blue Mason or Ball jars that were my grandmother's and I treasure them. You are inspiring me to take them out of their wrappings and box, and use them in my kitchen. They are too large to use for drinks but they could provide colorful storage for many things.

    By the way, I saw this post on Victoria Elizabeth Barnes post about being scammed. Glad that I found you! Take care, Liz


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